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Ramsay Health Care

Some issues not discussed in Tony’s article on RHC include: (1) Public hospitals canvassing for and accepting private patients in competition to private hospitals. They are not meant to do that but need the money and no one has stopped them. (2) The ever escalating cost of PHI has made it un- affordable to a large segment of the population. Difficult to see this trend being reversed. Do these issues not affect your view?

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Buying BKW not SOL?

As per Comsec, SOL owns 42 % of BKW. As at 2017 / 07 BKW market cap is 1.9 B.
BKW owns 42 % of SOL. SOL market cap as at 2017 / 07 is 4.2 B.
Based on the above, BKW is highly under valued and a good buying opportunity.
Is that a right conclusion ?
Is it right to say that we should buy BKW and not SOL ?

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Was NAB a bad buy?

Hi, I’ve bought NAB at $27.62 last Thursday. I’ve been following the stock and has been declining. Would you be able explain why NAB trend is down for the past five days. I have 1000 ynits and I don’t know whether to hold on all of it or to reduce. Would you be as able to help on this please. Thank you.

Kind Regards,

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