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Boral (BLD) – Hold or Sell?

Following Boral recent update, the stock has tumbled a further 7%. Being a long term holder of the stock, not sure if we should cut and run or hold on for the long haul? Would appreciate your opinion on the stock.

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Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

I note that a number of listed REITs also have Property Managed Funds. Apart from the ability to put smaller amounts into listed REITs and greater liquidity, but possibly more price volitility, are there any significant differences – esp. risks – if one is looking at the larger managers – e.g; Centuria, AMP, Cromwell etc?

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Bring-forward Contribution rule for under 65

My Wife & I each have just over $1.4M in our SMSF. We are both 64 years old, retired and in pension mode. I have read that we both could add non-deductible contributions of $200K each this FY by using the bring forward contribution rule. I wanted to know if this is true? Also, what happens to the amount that goes over $1.6M cap? Would we have to move this into Accumulation Phase or the total amount will be in Pension Phase?

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Is it possible to obtain a loan and lend that amount to an SMSF?

I had a question regarding lending to SMSF. I have a fully set up SMSF investing in a property. Since the loan through the bank to property in SMSF is over 6.5%, I have borrowed a loan under my personal equity at 3.5% and would like to lend that to SMSF in order to save high interest rates.


Can I do that and if the answer is yes, what do I need to do get started on that and do you guys provides that service. If you do provide that service, how much do you charge.

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Westpac’s Share Purchase Plan (SPP)

I received an email from Westpac, (I’m a shareholder) offering a share purchase plan.

The offer comprises of either placement or SPP.

Could you please explain this offer and advise.

I’m 68 in pension mode. My wife is 63 and can contribute to our SMSF, concessionally.

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