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Investing in shares

I’m about to sell a property in my SMSF I hope to net about $750,000

The problem is where to put that money to work?

I like shares but my wife is very averse.

If we were to put money into shares I don’t see anything wrong with putting the money in a blue chip like CBA.

Maybe the there’s better banks to buy or it’s too early to say what the Royal Commission, lending and interest rate increases or loan defaults will do to the SP when the interest rates start to go up?

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Hearts and Mind Investment IPO

What is your opinion on the Hearts and Mind Investment IPO? Would it be a good long term growth investment?

On this very volatile market, should young adults still have their super on high growth/growth portfolio?

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I don’t hold any Reject Shop shares but TRS has today fallen 40% odd.
Not sure why such a huge fall on a revised profit or earnings forecast? Do you have any views on this? Is it overdone and a buying opportunity for a potential recovery by maybe 10/15% short term, or is it dog with fleas and best left alone?

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Could you please explain “washing” ? Is buying a parcel of shares at a cheap price and selling a parcel of the same shares , bought previously at an expensive price, in order to lower your overall average buy price, considered washing?

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Franking Credits

Franking credits: There is a window of purchase as to when you purchase shares to be entitled to franking credits.
I understand that this applies to franking credit payments of over $5000 and that is the total ranking credits of all shares you own, not individual. The query is the holding period. Stated is 47 days holding those shares that you want to receive franking credits.

Maybe I am being rather pedantic, but I cannot find dates associated with the 47 days.
Does it mean from purchase date to ex dividend date, or to pay date of dividend, or to announcement of dividend?

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