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Recent DIY Super Questions

Pengana Private Equity Trust (PE1)

I’m looking at the Pengana Private Equity Trust (PE1). Do you think the fees are too high vs. the potential reward? Or are they reasonable given the exposure / diversification gained to private equity?

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Healthcare, Technology & Resource stock advice

I am trying to invest some money in the stock market for long term view. I understand the healthcare, technology and resource sectors are currently performing well. Can you recommend any share in these industries would you buy at current levels.

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Definition of spouse for purposes of the downsizer contribution

I have a question regarding clarification of a spouse under the superannuation act.


I know that a spouse under ATO is a person who you are in a relationship with even though not legally married. We are not married, however have been in a relationship for many years and wanted to confirm if we will be treated as a spouse for the purpose of being able to make use of the superannuation downsizer contribution as a result of my partner selling a property.

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The cost of closing your SMSF

We are in our mid seventies and are thinking of closing our SMSF and having a managed fund in lieu. What is the cost of closing our SMSF (assuming we need to)?

Any advice on choosing a managed fund? Cubs has been suggested.
What is the range of fees that would be charged?

We have about $1.5m in shares, hybrids, LICs and cash, and hoping for an income of about 85k with minimal draw-down of our capital.

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