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Is Whitehaven coal a smart buy?

As coal is our 2nd largest export, I was thinking of investing in Whitehaven now that it’s price has been bashed up in this pandemic. It pays a really good dividend. Do you believe the price will recover & the dividend stay?

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Can I participate in NAB’s share purchase plan, taking into account I live in Malaysia?

I own NAB shares and I wanted to participate in the share purchase plan, but when I read the information about it online it seems I am not eligible because I am non resident for tax purposes and live in Malaysia.


Would you be able to confirm for me if this is the case?  If so is generally true that I would not be able to participate in these type of offers as they are generally restricted only to those share holders who are domiciled in Australia?  I asked Computer share if I could participate in the Oil Search offer and their reply was also that as my address is in Malaysia I could not.


I do hope you could enlighten me on this as I am finding it all very confusing.

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