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Plato Australian Shares Income Fund (PASIF) & Plato Income Maximiser (PL8) – Is there a difference?

Can you explain the difference between investing in the Plato Australian Shares Income Fund (PASIF) via an Application Form and buying directly into Plato Income Maximizer (PL8) which, itself, invests directly in PASIF?
I understand that PASIF charges a management fee of 0.9%, but are there any other differences?
Is it about actively versus passively managed?

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How to best analyse brokers advice on shares

What is the best way to interpret the Buy/Sell/Hold column in your weekly Switzer Reports.


I know a bunch of brokers rate shares differently, but I note one below:


On 24/6/19 :  You had WPL (3/4/1 .. so I assume 8 brokers are monitoring this stock) and it went to Buy from Hold and Target $40 from $37.


Then only 3 weeks later on 15/7/19 : You had WPL (2/3/1 .. now only 6 brokers?) and went to Lighten from Hold and Target reduced to $33.85 from $34.60.


I know these two examples are from different brokers (Deutsche and Ord M respectively) but they are quite varied.  Do you have a view on how best to analyse these or do we just simply need to make our own mind up with what best suits us. I found similar for say SGM with quite varied targets from brokers.

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Thoughts on Woolworth’s & Costa Group (CGC)

Something to wonder about – WOW sold petrol interests and are making mini stores for their products at the servo’s. Now the sale of hotels, which I do not think is all about getting out of pokies and the image, they make MONEY.
They have an interest with Marley Spoon and maybe this is the new track they may be interested in. Just pondering, your thoughts?

My question:

Costa have been going through hard times with the drought and fruit flies. As one day it will rain and spraying will help with flies.
The shares appear down at the moment and were not mentioned by Peter for 20 shares that may recover over the next year or so.

Your thoughts please.

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Catering for non-superannuation monies

Apart from Superannuation monies, we have other monies which do not qualify for superannuation.
Unfortunately it appears that there is nothing like an industry fund or a not for profit fund which I could use for the non superannuation monies. Is this correct?

If it is, there would appear to be an opportunity to cater for people in my position.

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