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Recent DIY Super Questions

Shares recommendations

Thanks for your positive views every time I read any of your articles. I have a question for you.

Please consider the shares recommendations on your website. There are quite a few shares where the brokers show/agree decent upside.
Do you have any personal preference for any of those shares? I understand that it is general advice only and nothing to do with financial advice.

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Industry Superannuation funds

I agree industry superannuation funds would not be eligible for a tax refund under Labor’s policy. However, most large funds pay net tax. Therefore they would be able to distribute franking credits to all members whether they are in accumulation or pension mode. Accordingly SMSF pension members should seriously consider transferring their Australian equity allocation to a tax paying industry / retail fund if Labor wins the next election in my opinion. Do you agree ?

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Thoughts on Janus Henderson & Clydesdale Bank

I am interested to know if your team thinks Janus Henderson ( JHG) and Clydesdale Bank (CYB) are value traps or materially undervalued. Both are trading at a significant PE discount to their peers, no doubt significantly impacted by Brexit. I recall Charlie Aitken was a fan of these two in particular CYB.

I would appreciate your thoughts.

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Franking Credits as cash refunds?

If I have a private company and distribute income outside of super with franking credits and still being below the $18000 tax free personal tax threshold, will I still get the franking credits back, or is Bill Shorten targeting us as well?

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Time to sell out?

I am heavy into the big four banks, at this stage am 100% up on my original buy.
Is it time to sell out? We are in retirement mode.

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Franking Credit dilemma for SMSF Members

In relation to the current franking credit dilemma faced by many SMSF members in pension phase, I note that some financial commentators have suggested a possible advantage of investing in an industry super fund if one’s SMSF is likely to lose significant franking credit refunds. I looked at the Balanced option for HOSTPLUS members on their website. For a $50,000 investment, the total fees are quoted as $608. As the fee is based on a percentage of the funds invested, for a $5.0 mil investment, the fee would be $60,800. This seems quite excessive to me, and I wonder whether I am missing something. I definitely would not be closing my SMSF and investing in an industry fund at these fee levels.

Do you have a view on the “advantages” of switching from an SMSF to an industry super fund as a response to the possible loss of franking credit refunds ?

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