Super Stock Selectors: Sirtex, Resmed and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

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It seems our Super Stock Selectors are keeping earnings season in mind with their selections this week, with Raymond Chan of Morgans expecting a good result for Corporate Travel Management (CTD) at the end of the month.

CEO of Lincoln Indicators, Elio D’Amato, expects biotechnology medical company Sirtex Medical (SRX) to benefit from expected strong sales in SIR-Spheres, “as the product increasingly is being used as a first line treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer as well as ongoing studies”.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is in the ‘likes’ list for equities analyst at Bell Direct, Julia Lee, since the big banks have tightened up on investor loans.

“…The regional banks don’t have the need to raise capital that the big banks currently have, putting them at an advantage, especially in the investor home loan area,” she says.

While Evan Lucas from IG markets continues to believe the healthcare space remains relatively insulated from volatility and negative trading, Julia Lee is wary of risks building for Resmed (RMD). Lee thinks an increase in competitions from “new flow generator platforms” and potential “implications from the disappointing trials of the ASV sleep apnea treatment,” could impact the company.

Switzer Super expert Paul Rickard says that those looking to invest offshore (and want some value) should consider the Hunter Hall Global Value listed investment company (HHV).

“According to its last statement of NTA (Net Tangible Assets) as at 24 July, it is trading at a 15% discount. However, don’t expect the discount to close anytime soon,” he said.

Rickard also likes BHP – but below $25.

But some other iron ore producers continue to feature on our dislikes list.

Ric Spooner of CMC markets says “The recent rally in iron ore and Fortescue’s share price again leaves it vulnerable to further downside in the spot iron ore price.”

Also in the dislikes list this week is UGL. Chartist Gary Stone of Share Wealth Systems said the share price looks “decidedly bearish’’ and might go back towards the $1.30 area from its current price of $1.98.

20150803 - super stock selectorsOur Super Stock Selectors is a survey of prominent analysts, brokers and fund managers. Each week we ask them to name a stock they like, and one they don’t like. We purposely ask for ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ instead of recommendations, so it provides an idea of what the market is looking at, rather than firm buys or sells.

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