Shortlisted – CSL, Automotive Holdings Group and Freelancer

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From biotech to a retailer and a tech company, there’s a mix of stocks in Shortlisted this week.

Don Williams from Platypus Asset Management has a price target on CSL of at least $82 over the next 12 months.

“In the current valuation vs. historic multiples; it has the highest growth rate of any stock in the top 20 companies (historic and prospective); in their R&D, CSL spends close to half a billion dollars in R&D”.

CSL Limited (CSL)

Source: Yahoo! 7 Finance, August 25th 2014

And Charlie Aitken says Automotive Holdings Group “ticks all the boxes I am looking for that should ‘drive’ FY15 relative and absolute outperformance.

“Australia has a driving culture and Australians love a new car. When you then overlay strong population growth and household formation, the best car affordability readings since the 1970s and readily available finance, you can understand why new car sales have done this over the last decade.”

Automotive Holdings Group (AHG)

Source: Yahoo! 7 Finance, 25th August 2014

Last week Peter caught up with Matt Barrie, chief executive officer of, the owner and operator of the world’s largest online marketplace for outsourcing, freelancing and crowd-sourcing services. Freelancer was a stellar float in 2013, surging from an issue price of 50 cents to $2.60 on its opening day in November, but has gradually subsided to 76.5 cents.

Barrie said the company knew it would be a volatile counter on the exchange, given that the free float (the shares listed) represents only 10% of Freelancer’s capital. He says the company is tracking well, with first-half (to June 30) revenue up 41% to $11.9 million, gross profit up 41% to $10.5 million and positive operating cash flow of $1.4 million. The company added 2.8 million users, to 12.5 million. At bottom-line level, however, Freelancer is still in loss, reporting a net loss of $600,000, excluding share-based payments expenses.

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