Which bank?

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I don’t often disagree with my fellow Switzer Super Report expert, Charlie Aitken, but on the major banks I do. Despite being the most expensive bank, CBA remains my number one pick. The cheapest, NAB, which Charlie likes might be on a recovery path, however it is too early to call. Back on 19 May , I ranked the banks in the following order: 1. CBA, 2. Westpac, 3. ANZ and 4. NAB. While the differences are small, this is largely how they have performed over the last three months.

Importantly, no one should read too much into this – three months does not a summer make. However, with all major banks having reported (CBA with a full report, ANZ and NAB with a third quarter trading update, and Westpac with a capital update) it is timely to review and reconfirm the rankings.

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