13 stocks to kick off the roaring twenties

Founder and Publisher of the Switzer Report
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At this time of the year it becomes wise to think about how you want to invest next year. It would be good if Donald Trump could sort out his trade and tariff tiff with China, so we could work out whether we want to be aggressive or defensive with our strategy. But as we’re flying blind on this crucial subject and given the US job numbers came in much better than expected, I’m going to stick with my general view that being in stocks for 2020 is a sound idea.

With that in mind, I tried to find 20 stocks for 2020 using some of the most reliable stock pickers I know but I could only come up with 13 that my experts thought would have luck and good business outlooks on their side! Some of these stocks I’ve shared with you in recent weeks but as they’re so fresh and they were delivered by experts with the longer term in mind, I’ve decided to lump them altogether to give you a smorgasbord of companies to think about or even put together in a 20-stock portfolio for 2020!

Let’s start with my new ones, which I garnered from my market buddies last week.

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