How to get exposure to big property


For those who are always worried about crashing stock markets, the logical alternatives are property and term deposits. To find out how to get exposure to a big building in a big city without owning it outright, Jason Huljich, CEO of Centuria Property Funds, joins Peter on the show.

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Should investors be afraid of the housing headlines? Will there be a property collapse? Joining Switzer TV to assess the state of the housing market is Margaret Lomas founder of Destiny Group

Margaret Lomas from Destiny joins the show to discuss investing in the Queensland property market and more.

Just what’s going on with house price rises in Sydney and Melbourne, and should we expect a collapse? To share his views on this and more, Frank Gelber from BIS Oxford Economics joins the show.

Property expert Margaret Lomas shares her insights on the affordability issues facing aspiring home owners.

Reporting season has well and truly kicked off, so to discuss the results so far and how the CBA money laundering scandal could play out, Paul Rickard joins the show.

Should we be worried about a house price collapse in Sydney and Melbourne? To discuss, CoreLogic’s Tim Lawless joins the show.