Times are a changin’ – what companies have missed the tech boat?

Chairman, Wilson Asset Management
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One of an investor’s most important assets is his network, both social and professional.

Today’s article was inspired by a line of thinking triggered by my old mate Nige. He is one of those rare creatures who makes a living as a professional investor of his own funds and usually has an out-of-the box view of the world, or some new wacky macro trend he is researching.

Last month, he attended a short conference on change and change leadership. The guest speaker was a futurist known as Craig Rispin, who writes for the Switzer Super Report, and who talked specifically about the speed with which mobile technology was being adopted worldwide. Out of seven billion people, more than six billion have a mobile phone, fewer than that have a toilet. The average American teenager sends over 3700 texts per month (no wonder they don’t talk). There are now over five billion mobile phone apps in the world and the growth remains enormous. Did you know that one smart phone possesses more than 4,000 times the computing power of the computers that NASA used to put men on the moon?

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