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Last Friday, the Sohn Hearts and Minds 2018 conference was held and some top fund managers shared their best ideas for investing. Coming out of the pre-conference planning, Hearts and Minds Investments was listed with the ticker code HM1.

Hearts and Minds has a combined objective of providing a concentrated securities portfolio of the highest conviction ideas from leading Fund Managers, while also supporting Australian medical research institutes. The portfolio of HM1 is aimed at investors seeking exposure to a high-conviction portfolio of global equities. The portfolio was based on the selections of fund managers, who presented at this Conference in Melbourne last Friday and the recommendations of five leading fund managers.

The core fund managers are Magellan, Caledonia, Paradice, Cooper Investors and Regal Funds Management. As I wasn’t able to attend, I was happy that the AFR reported on the companies that were seen as great market ideas right now.

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