Greeks, Geeks and Going Up!

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The huge news for this week is that the Aussie stock market has now had seven days in a row of rises! And I love the fact that Wall Street didn't achieve the same seven on a trot result. It suggests we don't need the New York Stock Exchange to lead the way in 2015.

Of course, last year proved that anyway, as the S&P 500 was up about 11% while our S&P/ASX 200 index crept up 1.1%. However, as Shane Oliver reminded me on Thursday on my TV programme, with dividends and franking credits we were up about 7%.

By the way, if this news annoys you because you didn't get a result as good as that, then you need to look at your portfolio of stocks. You could be taking a two to three year view on your stocks, which means the companies that fared poorly last year could do better this year or the year after. Stocks that react to a lower dollar are classic shares in this respect, though many of these started to move at the end of last year and we tipped that.