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Bad 2014 Good 2015 Trust Me!

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I'd love to be able to argue that sure I missed my 6000 call on the S&P/ASX 200 index but when you account for dividends and franking credits, we still beat term deposits.

That's the story for next Saturday but let me argue the case that the fact I missed out on looking like the market guru others think I am, heightens the chances that 2015 will be a damn great year for stocks.

As of Monday last week, our market's showing on an international basis was unimpressive. CommSec's Craig James did the numbers and revealed that the All Ordinaries index was up by just 1.1% over 2014 (ASX 200 +1.7%), ranking Aussie shares in 44th position of 73 global share markets. Of course, that leaves out dividends so the real gain was closer to 5% without franking credits and it was a win over term deposits.