Stage set for stocks to spike

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In my Saturday Report I talked about an expert tipping a 30% rise in stocks over the next couple of years. Some subscribers may have misinterpreted this as a view that I hold. I don’t know where the well-trained economist/portfolio manager, James White of Lessep Investment Management, got his 25-30% move for stocks over the next 18-24 months but I have to say it looks on the high side.

That said, I hope he’s right. I have to admit I’m waiting with bated breath for news that the US and China have signed a trade deal phase one. This has to be the second step in taking stocks up, where the Fed rate cuts this year were the makings of the first step.

The suspense is killing me as my publicly exposed predictions of the past year or so about where I think stocks are heading and what I’ve told our financial planning clients about the same subject rests on the signing and the words/tweets that follow.

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