Spark is up 18%. Buy more or take profit?

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Way back on 12 March 2012 in my very first article for the Switzer Super Report, I recommended a “Steady as she goes” stock – Spark Infrastructure (SKI). Back then, Spark was trading at $1.365. Let's take a look at how this stock is performing now.

Investors are up 18.5% based on the current price, including the dividend ($1.565 + 5.25c dividend), or as much as 25.8% if one sold at its ultimate high of $1.665 plus dividend ($1.665 + 5.25c dividend), exactly a week ago.

If you were unable to enter the stock on or around the day the article was published in March, you had a second chance a month later on 20 April and 23 April, where the price hit lows of $1.365 and $1.36, respectively.

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