Looking ahead: 2016 for SMSFs

Head of Policy, SMSF Association
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Continuing the trend of recent years of having minimal tinkering with the superannuation laws is resoundingly a good thing for SMSF trustees who can get on with the business of keeping their fund in good order and making sure their investments are helping achieve their savings goals for retirement.

One positive for the SMSF sector in 2015 that has helped create this stability was that David Murray’s Financial System Inquiry gave the SMSF sector largely a clean bill of health meaning that the Government had no cause to re-jig rules for SMSFs. However, one area Murray’s report did focus on was to recommend a ban on limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBAs), a strategy used by some but not many SMSFs.

When the Government handed down its response to the FSI in October we were pleased to see that the SMSF sector’s representations to Government had been listened to, especially in regards to the Government’s rejection of the FSI’s recommendation to ban LRBAs.

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