How to play the infrastructure boom

Director / Portfolio Manager, Contact Asset Management
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Australia, and Sydney in particular, is thriving on an unprecedented program of infrastructure spend, driven by population growth and urbanisation. However, while these infrastructure projects are rolling out in front of us, it is creating further congestion, frustration and havoc.

Congestion has been the one major issue crimping growth of our major cities for many years and it’s not just annoying; it’s expensive. It is estimated that traffic delays and road congestion alone could cost the Australian economy $53 billion each year by the year 2031. By this time, the population of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth are projected to grow by close to 50%, with Australia’s total population expected to grow to more than 30 million people. Still relatively small on a global stage, but a big step up from where we are today.

Further to our population growth, it is expected that tourism numbers will also grow to extraordinary levels. Air passenger traffic into Sydney alone could double in only 15 years.

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