Go long Asia, OS dividend-payers and Telstra could be a 5G winner!

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If you weren’t able to make our Switzer Investment Strategy Day entitled How to Make Money in a Mature Bull Market in Sydney last Thursday, let me give you a summary of some of the main points that could impact the way you invest for the year or so ahead.

I kicked off the show with my main reasons for believing we can stay long stocks. I made mention that while The Economist’s Intelligence Unit thinks 2020 will be the year the USA could cop a recession, Westpac’s chief economist, Bill Evans told me on my Money Talks program on the Sky Business Channel that he thinks the Yanks have more time up their sleeve.

If The Economist team is right, you’d expect stocks to start losing friends some time late in 2019 but the timing of the next recession in the States will depend on interest rate rises this year and next. The current betting is three rises this year and they’ve already had one. If the economy gets too hot, we could see some volatile days for stocks across 2019, as we’ve seen this year.

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