Get your SMSF’s valuations right

Technical Services Specialist - SuperConcepts
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The value of your SMSF’s investments is key to preparing the fund’s financial accounts. For the 2016/17 financial year getting the value right is more important than ever, especially with the super changes requiring accurate valuations as at 30 June 2017. Getting it wrong may impact on the fund’s compliance and whether you can make non-concessional contributions or commence a pension.

How do I go about determining market value?

The value of some of the fund’s investments may be easy to obtain, such as listed company shares and bank account balances. However, when it comes to real estate and other fund investments, market value may not be that obvious and a valuation may be required for some investments from an appropriately qualified person, such as an independent registered valuer or real estate agent.

The following guide provides an outline of what is required to help in valuing fund investments where market values are not readily available.

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