Future investment trends: look for these three Rs

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I love my work as a futurist, I get involved with many different industries and many times when I'm presenting at conferences I mention companies that are on the global forefront of these major trends. Even though I'll be mentioning companies and industries that will be booming, please don't take any of my comments and opinions as investment advice.

With that in mind, let's move on to the three Rs of the future. What are the three Rs? And I don't mean Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmatic; I mean Robotics, Remote sensors and Regenerative medicine.

Let's get started with robotics

Robots are booming world-wide. They're booming in the military, in medicine and in mining. Peter Singer wrote a fantastic book in 2009 that I think is a must read. In fact, it's on the official reading list of the Australian navy and the US air force and navy as well. He talked about the rise of the robot in modern warfare and about how rapidly it was progressing. Well since his book came out, many of these UAVs – or unmanned aerial vehicles – have been used for strategic defence and attacks and for monitoring. In fact, it's not just the US using them, over 76 countries now use UAVs in the military and for policing.

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