Don’t sell your oil & gas shares and buy a Tesla, just yet.

Director of Wiltax Consulting
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We’re constantly being bombarded by the media with stories on climate change, the impact fossil fuels are having on the air we breathe and the water we drink, supposed links between our current monstrous fires and stacks of issues other than the drought and the gas “guzzling” cars we drive to get around our vast country.

One group of disruptors and a heavily fortified and financed group of marketers (usually with vested interests, such as vehicle distributors and motor magazine writers) has extended that thinking on to a programme of information aimed directly at urging us, the consumers of Australia, to ditch our combustion engine vehicles forthwith and buy electric vehicles instead.

As a practising Chartered Accountant, number cruncher and a person of considerable experience with petroleum driven vehicles across multiple industries including the resources industry, it comes to a point when many of the positive aspects of electric vehicles need to be countered with real and definitive negatives before buyers sell their shares in quality oil and gas companies and buy depreciating assets like electric cars.

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