Donald’s damn dramatic trade war and how shareholders should play it!

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Donald Trump fans who like to make money from their investments have to feel conflicted right now, with the US President single-handedly putting the global economy on track for recession, driven by his weaponization of tariffs. Not only he has upped the ante with his fight with Beijing, he has now put Mexico on notice that he’ll slug every product they send to the US with a 5% tariff, unless they help stop the immigration flow into the United States and take steps to put the country’s drug lords out of business.

These have given rise not just to Wall Street-market-driven, alarmist concerns but the big end of town CEOs are worried that their companies’ futures could be affected.

The Mexican standoff news aside, the next biggest threat to world trade, market confidence and individual share prices has been China’s suggestion that it will blacklist US companies that trade in China.

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