Crash or correction? How is this fund manager playing stocks?

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With Charlie Aitken still on his sabbatical and given the fact you’d all know I think we’re in a correction ahead of a market comeback that should roll into 2019, over the next few weeks I’ve decided to survey fund managers to see what they’re thinking right now and what they’re liking and disliking. I believe the trigger for a market sentiment turnaround will be an eventual Trump-China trade deal but, as I always say, it’s courageous to second-guess this very unusual US President.

Underlining how important this trade war is to US stock market sentiment, the most recent Bank of America Merrill Lynch survey of US fund manages found 35% believed the US-China trade stoush is the key driver of market sentiment right now. Obviously, interest rates, the economy and earnings all were seen as important but the tariff troubles took centre stage for fund managers trying to make money out of stocks.

I’ve cornered Shawn Burns, who manages the Switzer Dividend Growth Fund (or SWTZ) and Contango Income Generator (or CIE) and asked him the questions I suspect many of you would like answers to. So here goes…

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