Barrie Dunstan

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Sadly, we lost one of our great contributors to the Switzer Report, the AFR legend on personal investment — Barrie Dunstan — in January 2019. Out of respect, we will keep his contributions to the Switzer Report available on this page.

Recent Commentary

Big bears turn bull

When two US investment gurus and known bears – Bill Gross at the $US1.94 trillion PIMCO, and $US117 GMO’s Jeremy Grantham – think the current market still has legs, it’s time to listen.

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Next week, we’ll kick off our four-week End Of Financial Year (EOFY) special to make sure you have your fund in the right shape as we approach June 30. Here are some things you should be aware of a..

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Stress test your portfolio

The CBA results were very good, but there are still known unknowns. The bank has run the “what if” numbers and concluded that it should be ok, but perhaps it’s timely for SMSF trustees to do the..

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