4 stocks under 50 cents!

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It’s time for another group of prospects under 50 cents. While 50 cents is an arbitrary price-level on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) – here is a group of four promising stocks that all come in under that level, with two of them fully-franked dividend payers.

The caveat here is that shares that look attractive at such levels have often come down from much higher levels – leaving, of course, disgruntled shareholders. Using the stock market well often comes down to turning these kinds of situations to your advantage because situations can change.

1. Amaysim (AYS, 38 cents)
Market capitalisation: $112 million
Estimated FY20 yield: no dividend expected
Estimated FY20 P/E ratio: 8.1 times earnings
Analysts’ consensus valuation: 56.5 cents (Thomson Reuters), 62 cents (FN Arena)

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