Switzer on Saturday

Zombies in NYC, calling a correction and come dine with me

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Wall Street not selling off, a shooting in LA airport, a drone takes out a Taliban leader, insurance companies cancel millions of health policies because of Obamacare and Halloween zombies takeover the subways of New York City — just another day in the USA!

My interest in NYC is usually Wall Street-biased but I’ve been checking the weather as well, as this time last year Hurricane Sandy and Mayor Bloomberg cancelled the New York Marathon. My son Marty was there to race at the time, and after training another year for this marathon, it looks he’ll be running. Friday’s temperature was 22 degrees and it’s raining but Sunday will be a brisk 2-11 degrees and sunny!

The four-legged lottery

Back home, it’s Derby Day and I suspect some of our subscribers could be reading this on the train between Flinders Street station and Flemington. Though some will be doing the form and might return to the more reliable conveyance for making money — shares — on the trip home, with slightly lighter wallets and purses!