The yield portfolio’s first risk assessment

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It is far too early for me to want to rebalance – or ‘tweak’ – my SMSF Yield-Conviction portfolio (bought over the 25 to the 27 June). I designed it to be relevant for at least three months and possibly 12 months. However, many stocks on the ASX 200 have just been through the August reporting season and so it is time for me to do a risk assessment of my portfolio.

The checklist

In this (my first) full review of my portfolio and its methodology, I am looking for four things:

  1. Is the process I use on track?
  2. Have there been any deleterious changes in broker estimates and forecasts that warrant a stopgap fix until I choose to do a full rebalance?
  3. Have there been implicit changes to the ‘optimal’ model portfolio that might guide my thinking?
  4. What shall I do with my dividends’ payments, which have started to arrive?

Following my return from a month long holiday visiting my brother in England (where I still did my risk assessments at the breakfast table each morning!) I performed a review on data up to Friday September 5th. Of course, things change each day and subsequent changes must be added to any prior assessment.

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