Switzer on Saturday

From wedding bells to closing bells, it’s been a great week

Founder and Publisher of the Switzer Report
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The working week began with a car trip up the Hume Highway, leaving the Melbourne marriage of my son, which went off like a dream, behind. However there was a fatherly price to pay — Dad volunteered to drive the newlywed’s car back to Sydney, so it’ll be there when the European honeymoon ends! We parents are forever slow learners, but it did give me a chance to contemplate some valuable investment issues over the 873 kilometre trail.

And more than that, I got a chance to live in awe of the courageous heroes who were driving along the Hume in their CFA fire trucks in a convoy of courage, as they headed towards the Blue Mountains to fight these Red October fires. As someone with a property in the Mountains, I will forever be in debt to those men and women who hailed from as far south as Westbury in Tasmania! When you see that kind of thing you know, despite our statewide differences, we are a people bonded by our history, our loves, such as cricket, and our threats!

No clear and present danger

On the subject of threats, few things seem to be rocking the confidence of share players, making me feel a lot more confident about my call of 5500 for the S&P/ASX 200 at the start of the year. We finished at 5386.3 yesterday, so all we need is about 114 points and we’re there, and it doesn’t look that hard.