We could see 7000 on the ASX this year! Seriously!

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On Saturday I told you that the big uplifting revelation for the week came on my Sky News Business program (Money Talks) on Monday, where CMC’s Michael McCarthy and Sharewealth Systems’ Gary Stone quite shocked me.

Being ridiculously candid, I reminded my two guests that before Donald got tweeting on trade, China and Iran, I’d speculated that we might see 7000 on the S&P/ASX 200 Index. So I hopefully asked them if economics and earnings could trump geopolitical stuff. Could we get to 6800?

But both, surprisingly, said they think 7000 isn’t completely out of the question for 2018! Sure, we have to see economics and earnings proceed as forecasted, but both 24/7 market watchers believe we’ve got a chance.

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