Up for some Christmas buying?

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I’m starting to nibble back into stocks but I’m doing it based on the flimsiest of reasons — President Donald Trump might be getting the message that he needs to help Wall Street. Over last week there were a number of US reports suggesting that the very confident leader of the free world was having some self-doubt.

The Wall Street Journal’s Vivian Salama told us: “As the stock market churned this week, President Trump anxiously called advisers both inside and outside the White House looking to ensure that his talks with China were not driving the sell off.”

If that’s true, it indicates that his team in Washington is responsible for a new age “Emperor’s New Clothes” fairy tale, where their leader doesn’t realise how he’d become a naked pest for stocks. We especially feel it here because we have the Royal Commission exposing the more than naughty behaviour of the financial sector which is 33% of our stock market.

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