Trump and Wall Street

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For investors, the Trump presidency is starting to look fraught with danger. It’s one thing to annoy Democrats, even growing numbers of Republicans and all those liberals. But it’s not smart to annoy the big movers and shakers of Wall Street.

A little over half a year into his first term, Donald Trump now has managed to antagonise some of the world’s biggest investors like Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio, Mohamid El-Erian of Allianz and Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein. They have publicly expressed concerns about the President’s less than helpful comments, which have affected investors’ confidence. So far this hasn’t translated into a negative stock market, but it has certainly cast a pall over medium to long-term market sentiment.

So, when that starts to affect the world’s largest hedge fund Bridgewater with about $A190 billion of funds), major investment house Goldman Sachs (about $A930 billion of investments) or Allianz’s massive bond fund run by PIMCO (over $A2 trillion), world markets should be on heightened alert.

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