Top three non-mining materials stocks

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This week, I'm going to take an in-depth look at non-mining stocks in the materials sector, of which there are nine listed in the ASX 100 and in the table below. If you missed the first half of my materials sector review, in which I looked into the mining sector, you can read it now in Eye on the materials sector.

Clearly, from the column below marked 'Market cap. share' – which is the percentage share of each company within the ASX 200 materials sector – these companies are relatively small. As such, there may be no need to delve into this sub-sector to build a high conviction portfolio. However, for completeness, I will take my usual approach to analysing stocks.

Note: the estimates in the table are current to the close of business 3 December 2012. The price target is the brokers' forecast of where the stock price is heading - often considered to be in the next 12 months.)

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