This is the money-making test all DIY fund managers have to sit!

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You might not like to hear this but it’s now time to do an objective test on your ability to manage your own money. We know what some of the best fund managers and exchange traded funds/products have done so the really smart manager of money needs to put himself or herself to the test.

A number of forces led me to share the insight with that it’s time to test yourself to see just how good you are and whether it’s time to sack yourself as a fund manager (and my esteemed colleague also writes about why it’s important to review your investment abilities today too).

The $33 million dollar man

Alternatively, the better strategy might be to take a leaf out of the best paid Aussie fundie of all-time — Chris Cuffe. In reality, Chris was a bank executive but ran a massive funds business and became famous in 2003 when he got a golden handshake of $33 million!

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