The stocks and strategies from our SLIC conferences that will make me money

Founder and Publisher of the Switzer Report
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The whole point of the Switzer Report is to give you a crucial competitive edge in building your wealth, so when we put on something like our full day Switzer Listed Investment Conference (SLIC) in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we expect to unearth learnings and investment ideas that could really make a difference to how you should invest. For those of you who couldn’t come along, let me recap and underline what I learnt from my three-days of hosting some of the smartest investment minds in, and outside, the country.

Platinum’s Kerr Neilson, Investors Mutual’s Anton Tagliaferro, Perpetual’s Vince Pezzullo and WCMQ’s Paul Black have long been legends of stock-picking and every time I get to talk to them, I know I learn something that makes me a better investor.

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