The seriously special stock selectors with their seven secret shares!

Founder and Publisher of the Switzer Super Report
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When is the best time to ask these hotshot stock market enthusiasts for their “one” best investing idea? Well, it’s after the show-and-tell we call reporting season, where companies do their ‘warts and all’ presentations about their sales, their profits and the outlook.

The “serious special” five are:

  1. Fund manager Charlie Aitken, who has attracted money from the likes of Seven’s Kerry Stokes and other rich listers;
  2. FNArena’s founder, Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, who has access to the views of the biggest number of broker/analysts in Australia;
  3. Shawn Burns, an experienced fund manager who’s charged with searching for the best income stocks for my listed Exchange Traded Product, called the Switzer Dividend Growth Fund or SWTZ;
  4. My Money Talks colleague and regular “star” on the Your Money channel, Julia Lee.
  5. Geoff Wilson (who gives two ideas).

I asked my “seriously special” five to give me their best stock idea following reporting season. Then I tested these ideas by looking at what the consensus of brokers are saying about their potential money-making selections.

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