European Euphoria, Earnings and E’s back

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Alleluia! Europe has come good! I've been whinging about these heartbreakers, near-do-wells and let down merchants since 2009. Then the European Central Bank had a slow learner called Jean-Claude Trichet, who was raising interest rates because he was worried about inflation!

I wrote stories for my SSR subscribers with headlines such as "Europests", "EuroTrash", "Euro Anxiety" and "Europe Derails Rally Again"!

I know there's a long road to hoe for the QE to actually work but Mario Draghi, the ECB boss, promised a "bazooka" and this is what a central banker thinks is a big gun. And it's when he left the end date of this 60 billion euros a month bond-buying plan open ended. He plans to do a Ben Bernanke and make it happen until banks lend, consumers borrow and business starts to invest as well as hire.