Switzer on Saturday

Wall Street Worrying and Warnie

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Oil remained the centre of attention again last night on Wall Street. Indices finished mixed - off their best levels for the day as oil prices continued to fall. The Dow Jones added half a point, while the broader S&P 500 fell 4 points. Despite our sell off on Friday, the futures market points to some further weakness when our market opens on Monday.

Meanwhile, last Saturday I was at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix trials ahead of the race on Sunday. The AFL’s Andrew Demetriou was in our party and, at lunch, we were joined by Shane Warne, who proved to be good company, though his darker hair makes him look a lot less like Warnie! But I digress.

The race circuit, if you call it that, was about 25 minutes from the hotel. We were picked up by a car, with a driver that could neither speak nor read English. And given the fact that we took two and a half hours to get back to the hotel, he obviously can’t read Arabic!