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Happy Harvey Norman and hobnobbing in the Sunshine State

I hate to be a namedropper but it has been that sort of week for yours truly. Monday, it was a morning tea interview with Gerry Harvey and the tight so-and-so has never ever offered me a cup of tea! That said, he does occasionally invite me for a game of tennis followed by a glass of rare red. He was probably popping champagne with his wife and CEO Katie Page after his earning’s report saw his stock, the electronics retailer, Harvey Norman, as the best-performing share, up 6.8% to $3.79. Profit after three years will do that. After my interview with him, I think he suspects the worst is behind Harvey Norman - here, in Ireland and over in Asia.

Regular readers know I’ve been a Gerry fan but he has over-achieved on this one. Don’t miss this interview [1]. He’s a hoot.

And what about Qantas? Flying high, up 11.2% to $1.54 since it fessed up to a $2.8 billion loss - accountant-created admittedly on paper.  For anyone who took Charlie Aitken’s tip on Qantas and held solid, they’d now love him after a bit of hate!