Switzer on Saturday

Ringing the ‘wedding’ bell, 26 years since Black Monday. And China rocks

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It’s Caulfield Cup day in Melbourne but the Switzer clan won’t be focusing on Gerry Harvey’s Royal Descent in the Cup or his mate John Singleton’s Dear Demi in the big race. We’ll be fully engaged with the wedding of my son Alex to the wonderful Renee Carl.

Last week I told you that my older son Marty married Jess Blanch in Scone, some of NSW’s best horse country, three days after Lehman Brothers failed! Because of that financial catastrophe, Sky wanted me to host a TV program but I’d promised my wife it would be a “no media!” weekend. The same blackout applied this weekend, so that debt default deal really took the pressure off me, big time.

Earlier in the week before the Congress came to its senses, I spoke to 300 of Macquarie Bank’s clients and assured them if another Switzer wedding was linked to a market crash, it might be the last for some time, as I have no sons left to continue the jinx!