Super Sessions with Charlie Aitken

Chief Investment Officer and founder of Aitken Investment Management
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On the ASX 200

I think the reporting season is also going to be pretty good and dividends might surprise on the upside. So broadly, if we’re sitting here in a couple of years time, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ASX 200 is up around 6000.

On China

Do you really believe a county of 1.4 billion people can generate a GDP number within 17 days of the end of the quarter? It’s a bit hard to believe.

On favourite stocks

I think the banks are going to continue to do really well. Telstra is going to continue to do really well. Wesfarmers is going to continue to do really well.

Most of the stocks that I’m highest conviction on are all big industrials that pay 5, 6% fully franked dividends.

On strategy

Broadly though, people are so short-sighted at the moment, the real value in the share market is just being an investor.

If you just hold the right stocks, collect dividends, those dividends grow, and you use those franking credits, I think that strategy will reward you very well in a low interest rate environment over the next few years.

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