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Q: Would you reduce your holdings in Telstra if you had a good profit? And what is your opinion on Challenger (CGF) – is it a buy at $7.50?

A (By Paul Rickard): You can never go wrong taking a profit. The question is – where will you invest the cash?

With Telstra, I don’t think that you are going to see any real selling pressure until interest rates start to go up. Even up near $6.00, the yield is still relatively attractive.

I am not buying at these levels – and the next move for me is to lighten off a touch – however I am in no real hurry.

If you have a material position, perhaps you sell 20% to 25% at these levels.

Challenger (CGF) has had a great run. I am not a buyer at these levels.

Q: I have been looking at the purchase of Invocare (IVC). I like it, but is it fair value?

A (By James Dunn): Let’s look at what some of the analysts are saying.

Invocare is trading at around $11.00. On the Stock Doctor reckoning, Invocare, at $11.12, is trading 5.4% below the analysts’ consensus price target of $11.60.

On the FN Arena reckoning, the analysts’ consensus price target of $11.30, puts Invocare at a 2.7% discount.

Morningstar says Invocare has just passed from ‘hold’ to ‘reduce’ – it says fair value for the stock is $10.00.

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