Slicing & dicing: investment allocation in SMSFs

Executive Manager, SMSF Technical & Private Wealth, SuperConcepts
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John and Linda have an SMSF. He’s 65 and just retired. She’s 55 and thinks she’ll work for as long as possible. John’s balance is big, while Linda’s is small.  He’s a growth investor and likes overseas equities. She is conservative and likes onshore investments.  Then their two children become members…

Whatever way you look at it, there are many aspects to consider when it comes to the fund’s investments and its investment strategy.  In the situation above, members may wish to split the fund’s investments to see exactly where their superannuation balance is invested.

What can you do if you have one SMSF but want separate investment allocations and have different investment strategies in the one fund?  Can you do it?  The answer is ‘yes’ but there are a number of things to consider, as it can be complex.

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