Response on BHP – watch out for schadenfreude

Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Montgomery Investment Management
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As investors, one enters into a disagreement every time one buys a share. Indeed the seller of those shares disagrees with the buyer 100% and this is reflected in the fact they have taken the opposite position in the trade. So it’s important therefore to never feel threatened or personally offended when someone disagrees with your assessment. After all that is what makes a market. Allowing emotional immaturity to pervade any discussions about stocks only reveals that one is emotionally immature.

Investors shouldn’t mind conjecture and disagreement.

Add BI to the list

This week Peter and his team invited me, several times, to respond to a BHP “insider” who disagrees with us about our view on BHP – a view we have held now for some time. Add this “insider” to the list of everyone who has ever traded shares with us. They all disagreed.

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