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Questions of the Week – Altium, tax strategies and fraud

Question: Ninety percent of my wife’s personal share investment comprises CSL shares. We are likely to sell a jointly owned investment property in the 2018/19 tax year, thus CGT will be due on that sale. My thoughts are to sell approximately 200 CSL shares (still leaving a significant number) in this financial year, pay the CGT due, and recontribute the funds to repurchase CSL within the SMSF of which my wife is both a member and a trustee.  Can you see any downside to this strategy?

Answer (By Paul Rickard): I can’t see anything obviously wrong with the strategy. Clearly, there is a timing/execution risk in that your sell price might be lower than the re-purchase price.

Question: Do you think the current correction presents a good "value" buying opportunity into Altium (ALU) @ $14.70?