Questions of the Week – equities and SCA Property Group

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Question: I'm about two years out from retirement (even though I may continue on a two or three day a week basis). I recently read that, at my age, (69) my SMSF "really shouldn't be in equities". If that is the case, what are the alternatives to equities for an SMSF-er of my age? I am currently 55% cash, having brought that up from 30% over last few months.

Answer (By Paul Rickard): Thanks for the question. I don’t agree in general with the statement that “you shouldn’t be in equities”. Most people at 69 will live (statistically) for another 20 to 25 years – which is probably several economic cycles - I would be surprised if you don’t need some growth assets.

Obviously, I can’t make this statement about you because I don’t know anything about your personal financial situation, investment objectives or particular needs.

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