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Question: If you have a large sum to invest, would it be wise to diversify by investing in a few different LICs? If so, what could you suggest? 

Answer (By Paul Rickard): Let me make some important assumptions:

  1. You want exposure to the Australian sharemarket  (not to overseas shares);
  2. You want broad-based exposure, not small or micro caps per se, nor a manager taking an active (higher risk) position.

With those assumptions, I would consider Milton Corporation (MLT), Argo (ARG) or Australian Foundation (AFI). They are all trading at a bit of a discount to Net Tangible Asset Value (NTA). There is not a lot of difference between the three. Do you need all three? No. Do you need two? Maybe, although they are very diversified. Based on recent performance and discount to NTA, I would probably go for AFI and MLT.

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