Healthcare, Technology & Resource stock advice

I am trying to invest some money in the stock market for long term view. I understand the healthcare, technology and resource sectors are currently performing well. Can you recommend any share in these industries would you buy at current levels.

A: Here is a link to our model growth portfolio


Healthcare: CSL, Ramsay (RHC), possibly Resmed

Technology : I am very, very wary about buying the Afterpays/WiseTechs at such elevated multiples. Link (LNK) is a somewhat boring, but older style technology stock

Resources: again, they have run so hard partly because of supply disruptions (following the tragic accident in Brazil). I am not getting in at these levels. If you do want to venture in, stick to the tier 1 producers who have first class assets and sustainable low cost production. BHP then RIO, perhaps Woodside in the petroleum/oil area.

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