Catering for non-superannuation monies

Apart from Superannuation monies, we have other monies which do not qualify for superannuation.
Unfortunately it appears that there is nothing like an industry fund or a not for profit fund which I could use for the non superannuation monies. Is this correct?

If it is, there would appear to be an opportunity to cater for people in my position.

A: There is a plethora of managed funds, exchange traded funds, listed investment companies and other investment products that cater for non-super monies. In the case of ETFs, some managers are charging less than 0.10% pa – a fraction of the typical 0.75%  pa charged by the typical industry super fund.


If you are talking about multi-asset class portfolios which are being managed actively, there is a bit of a gap there. They are coming – have a look at one I am associated with:

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