2gb talk

Hi Paul,

I caught the end of your talk on 2GB last night (20/04/16), you were talking about what PAYG can do now, before the Budget potentially reduces super concessions. I think you said you’d been blogging about it, but I’ve looked at your recent commentary and can’t find it. I suppose it’s just get in any lump sums in now (concessional & non concessional) up to the cap or what we can afford, before the budget. Is that it?

(I’m thinking of making a lump sum spouse contribution to my wife’s super as her balance is much lower than mine).

A: Thanks for the question.

There is not much you can do except to contribute up to the caps. I have attached a link to the article I wrote on Switzer Daily – if you aren’t a subscriber, you may have to sign up (it’s a free site).

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