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Question of the week: Can I sell shares before EOFY to get a capital loss, then buy them back?

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Q. I have several shares with losses. What are the rules if I was to sell them before financial year to get a capital loss, but buy them back at some stage? Is it any different if I was to firstly buy some more and then sell half of them for example? What constitutes a share wash?

A. Thanks for the question.

If you are in any doubt, you should access the assistance of a qualified accountant or tax professional.

There aren’t any specific rules per se, except that any transaction or series of transactions that could involve a “scheme” could potentially run fowl of the general anti-avoidance provisions in Part IVA. The ATO has provided its guidance in Taxation Ruling TR 2008/01, which deals with “wash sales” and is available here.

Generally, it can’t be a scheme for the avoidance of tax, there must be separate sale and purchase transactions, and there must be a sufficient time interval such that there is a material financial risk.  In an example the ATO considers in the guidance note, it doesn’t think that 24 hours is sufficient.

I hope this helps.

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