Professional’s Pick – Fisher & Paykel Healthcare (FPH)

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Can you tell us about the company?

FPH is a medical device company that specialises in the design, manufacturing and marketing of products used in respiratory care, acute care and the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). FPH entered this market in 1971 with a respiratory humidifier system used in critical care. Since then the company has expanded its product offering across both hospital and home care environment. The company now sells into over 120 countries to home care providers and hospitals, as well as to other medical device manufacturers.

What do you like about it?

We are impressed by FPH’s commitment to maintaining its dominance in respiratory and acute market and in particular in humidification space, through ongoing investment into research and development. FPH allocates approximately 10% of its revenue to research and development and recently launched products, as well as ongoing efforts to expand their use through further clinical trials, clearly demonstrating FPH’s strategy to grow through product innovation.

We are particularly excited about Optiflow, FPH’s new humidification system that delivers high flow of humidified air/oxygen mixtures to spontaneously breathing patients via a nasal cannula. Most competing products in this space are legacy, low-flow machines that deliver cold air and require full face masks and are as such less convenient for patients.

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